Having fun isn't just another craft to add to your to do list, and it's not about looking perfect or having all the answers. That's no fun anyway. 

We have fun because it is an expression of love. 

Moms have more fun when they're delighting in their children. Having fun together says: "I'm with you and I'm so happy to be here." 

Fun means not taking yourself too seriously. When kids have fun with their moms--and dads!--they learn they are important, special, and loved. 

There's more to life than having fun. I get that. The More Fun Philosophy isn't about neglecting the important work that needs to be done or turning a blind-eye to the hard things in life. It's a matter of approaching the day-to-day activities with an attitude of joy and positivity. 

Having fun is about more than entertainment. When I tell people my blog is called Moms Have More Fun, they expect it to be full of over-the-top, styled to perfection, cute ideas. While I've got nothing against style, those sort of "Super Mom" showing off projects are not what I'm about. Having fun isn't something you do to impress the neighbors or the Pinterest-perfect preschool mom. 


more fun

more fun

Growing up as the middle child, there were often times I felt a little overlooked, but my mom had a way of making occasions like birthdays, holidays, and vacations feel extra special. In those moments, I felt a deep contentment. I felt like I was a beloved part of a good family. Those moments are the glue that held us together through some of life's most emotionally-challenging times later. 

With my own kids, I knew I wanted to build even more of those loving memories into our family culture. One of my children went through a difficult time growing up and I was constantly correcting and arguing with her. We were beginning to feel like enemies. I knew if I didn't correct that path right away, our relationship could crumble. I knew that keeping her heart was more important that controlling her every move. I shifted to a more connective parenting style and added more "special" days into our family culture. That effort paid off for more than just her.

One day my husband was doing a bit of yard work, I was reading on the patio, and our son was playing nearby. I sang out "sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy." Then I continued "and puppies, and little boys playing in the sand, and reading my book..."

My son asked, "know what makes me happy?"

"No, what?"

"Having a mommy who likes everything that she sees." 

His reply was the validation of something I'd known innately for a very long time but couldn't put words to: Children are happiest when their parents are happy too. Taking care of your self and your life, offering a positive attitude, and a happy family activity is not just about entertaining your kids or some hedonistic approach to life, it's the key to building relationships that last.

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As a mom of 4 kids from toddler to teen, I know how easy it is to slip into that familiar frustrated and frantic mode. But I also know that you can decide NOT to live that way. You can decide to do it differently!

Frustrated and frantic is not a given. Slower, sillier, happier, MORE CONNECTIVE days are possible, even in the modern world, without disconnecting or moving to a ranch in the middle of Montana. 

I'll show you how I take care of the emotional health and happiness of my family. I'll show you how we do special days and holidays, less complicated, more fun! 

Your family deserves a happy mom. Your children deserve a happy childhood. It's not too late for a life of delight! 

I help busy moms to live out an active love by choosing intentional moments of delight.

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