Selfie Scavenger Hunt Double Date

November 21, 2018

Double-Date Photo Scavenger Hunt List

3… 2… 1…  Wait, wait, wait!! Have you made sure the other couple is ready to go? You don’t want to start off the game by cheating, do you?   Do you!?!

What is this?

If you stumbled here by mistake, this is a crazy fun date night idea with a good dose of friendly competition. Four people. Two camera phones. One list. The stakes?  The bill for dessert.


Listen, you’ve gotta play fair. Okay. Call your buddies on her phone while you have this page up on his phone. On the count of three, click the link below to reveal the scavenger hunt list. No peeking!! Go crazy finding these items as you head toward your meeting destination. First couple to get all the photos wins!  Loser buys dessert. Ready? 3… 2… 1… GO!!

Click here for the list!


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